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Welcome to the Broadside Blog! You might want to buckle up, because this blog will be a little different than others you have seen. For one thing, I’m a cartoonist and I tend to look at the shiny side of the coin. So if you’re looking for political, economic or policy discussions, you’re probably looking in the wrong place. What you’ll see here is the fun part of wearing the uniform.


What you’ll see each week:

Broadside Moments (sea stories)
Broadside and Greenside Cartoons
Hero of the Week
Caption Contest. Every Thursday, I draw the cartoon and you fill in the caption. The weekly winner gets the original art and some stuff from Military Times. Winners will be announced the following Thursday, and will forever be associated with that cartoon (take it from me…that’s not always good). Check out the Caption Contest Rules to see how it works.
Weird stories and Videos. I’ll try to throw in both each week, since many of you can’t pull down videos while at sea. The weird stories won’t necessarily be about the military. I’ll search the dark recesses of human nature, so you won’t have to.

Let me know what’s in your head – let all of us hear your funny or quirky stories. Share your videos – you can send them to me if you want me to put them up for you – heck, you might end up being the topic of the day. If you want to send me something, send an email to blog@broadside.net.

Down the road, thanks to the cool folks at Military Times, we’ll be trying some other ideas. Maybe collaborate on a short animated cartoon for the Army-Navy game…who knows?

The bottom line: Ours is the best and most powerful military in the world, and it’s about time we celebrated being a part of it. Let’s have some fun!

(This is a family blog and we’ll remove offensive or inappropriate stuff, so please keep it clean. The ideas submitted as part of this blog will be considered public domain, and may show up in future cartoons – be forewarned!)


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