News and Stories – April 13, 2007


Things that make you go, “Doh!”
German army drafts four-week-old baby. (Reuters)

For those who don’t like flying, you’ll be comforted to know that a Pilot’s potty-mouth grounds Northwest flight. (USA Today)

Beijing makes dent in bad English translations. (AFP)

Be careful out there! Here are some police blotter stories from News of the Weird:

Andre Henry was convicted on 27 criminal counts in Philadelphia in February (e.g., bank robbery, threatening witnesses and police officers), despite his cocky attitude on the witness stand. After the prosecution played back a recording of Henry confessing his crimes to a wire-wearing inmate, Henry was unfazed, quickly declaring that the confessor was really Henry’s “twin brother” (except that the prosecutor easily showed that he doesn’t have one). [Philadelphia Inquirer, 2-21-07]

A 17-year-old was arrested in January in Sheboygan, Wis., and charged with stealing a snowmobile from the Sheboygan Yamaha lot. However, the next morning, even before the dealer realized the vehicle was missing, the boy had brought it in for service. [Sheboygan Press, 1-30-07]

Brook Akins, 34, was arrested in January in a Salt Lake City suburb after calling 911 12 times in five hours to complain of a toothache and demand to speak to someone who could help him. [KTVX-TV (Salt Lake City), 1-31-07]

Marshall Wolbers, 56, was arrested in Lake Bluff, Ill., in February after he had allegedly ripped off almost two dozen spas in the Chicago area over the last year by luxuriating in massage and pedicure services, etc., but skipping out on the bill. Said one specialist on nails, to an Associated Press reporter, “I just want to look at him (a 300-pound man), like ‘You jerk, you didn’t even tip me. You made me rub your gross feet and listen to you for an hour and a half.'” [WBBM-TV (Chicago)-AP, 2-6-07]

And finally, who can resist watching fashion models falling down! (click here) (video)

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