The Dark Side



The Traveler braced himself as he approached home base. He had been away for many months, and looked forward to the embrace of loved ones and the joy of reunion. But beneath the happy veneer hid a weakness that he never discussed.

After he arrived and got settled, he was ushered into the great hall for the ceremonial feast. He knew he was entering the very chamber where his weakness would manifest itself if allowed to surface. Silently he vowed to fight back against his demons.

As he took his place, he began to hear the seductive voices of the Dark Side. He tried to ignore them, to deny them. But the Dark forces were so warm, so enticing.

“No!” He closed his eyes and turned away. The internal struggle was more than he had expected, and he could feel his resolve melting away.

There comes a time in everyone’s life when he comes to a fork. This was his time, and although he knew he shouldn’t, he heard himself say, “I could never resist the Dark Side.”

With that, his self-control vanished and he tore into the great bird with abandon. He grabbed legs and wings, and tore at the flesh, scattering its bones as he gave himself fully to his hunger.

When it was over, he fled to his room, ashamed, and looked at himself in the mirror. The remnants of the slaughter were still evident on his face and hands. With a shudder he realized what the Dark Side had done to him. Because where there once was a simple Traveler, the face that stared back at him had an unmistakable resemblance to Jabba the Hut.

There was only one thing left to do. As he readied for the long sleep, he reflected on the day. He smiled and said to himself, “This was the best Thanksgiving EVER!”


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