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  1. “We had to cut back on all the good equipment because someone complained about cost overruns.” “That wasn’t you was it?”

  2. Since they made one of Saddam’s torture chambers into the new dentist shop, Captain Kilroy decided to not remodel the office.

  3. Scott Stroman on

    So, XO, let’s hear that joke again…the one about “the only difference between a dentist and a carpenter is that the carpenter’s tools are cleaner”.

  4. Scott Stroman on

    Shortly after he flunked the Dental Department on a zone inspection, the XO began having this dream……..

  5. Sent via email June 2nd at 9:21 am by Kimoreen Mckenzie:

    “Since we ran out of novacaine this hammer is going to be your anesthesia today”.

  6. While waiting for his BUDs class to start, BM1 Smith decided to volunteer for an Individual Augmentee assignment. Little did he know he was going to be a dental hygenist in theater.

  7. Rian Hudson on

    How am I doing? HOW AM I DOING??? Well Sir, my dog Skippy died, my 16 year old just got a girl pregnant, and my wife is cheating on me…….but don’t worry Sir, I never take my problems to work. Here, I’m allllll professionalism!

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