Dog days of summer



I was ruining a perfectly good day golfing when I heard these stories, and for no apparent reason decided to pass them along. As far as I know they’re true (the guy who told them to me said they were), but then again, nobody tells the truth when they’re golfing, so take them for what they’re worth.

The Rabbit

A fellow (we’ll call him Bob) was asked to keep an eye on his friend’s pet rabbit while he and his family was away. When Bob and his labrador went over to the house, he took a peek inside to make sure everything was secure – it was.

Then he stepped outside, and to his horror he saw the door to the rabbit cage open. He looked in the yard and there was his dog with the rabbit in his mouth, shaking it violently. When he got there, the rabbit was obviously dead. Mortified, he weighed his options. He knew his friend had kids, and he knew he only had one option – to buy another rabbit and hope they didn’t notice.

A week later, when the family returned, his friend pulled him aside. “What happened?”

Before Bob could stammer out an apology, his friend said, “Our rabbit died just before we left, and we buried him in the yard. Now there’s another rabbit in the cage.”

That’s when it hit him – his dog had sniffed out the corpse, dug it up, and was playing with it when Bob saw him.

I guess it just goes to show you that you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. On the plus side, the kids got a new rabbit out of the deal, so everyone was happy in the end.

The Ghost

Circumstances had made the unthinkable possible. Because of problems at home, a dog owner was forced to take Old Sam (I made up the name) to the vet to have him put down. He loved that dog, couldn’t stay to watch the end, and went home.

The next day, while consoling himself over a cup of coffee, he heard a scratching at the door. Outside was Old Sam. Shaken, he called the veterinarian and asked if he had put down the dog the day before.

“Sure did,” he said.

“Then Old Sam’s ghost is standing outside my door right now.”

After a long pause, the veterinarian came clean and confessed that another family had come in right after he left and adopted Old Sam on the spot. Apparently he thought it was best to keep it quiet (I wonder if the bill had anything to do with it).

This story ends well too – Old Sam got a new family, and nobody felt guilty – except maybe the vet.

Like I said, these are supposedly true stories, but then again I tell everyone I’m a bogey golfer.

If you’re anything like me, you love dogs. I couldn’t imagine living life without one. My dog Elway spends as much time in the studio as me – he’s always there by my side. If you have a good dog story (or cat story for that matter), send it to me – if it’s a keeper, I’ll post it.


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