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  1. The slimy polliwogs among ships’s company sensed they were about to experience the “Mother Of All Shellback Initiations”.

  2. “Captain, I hold Skunk Charlie bearing 340 degrees true, 2500 yards on a course of………belay my last. I’ve been on watch too long.”

  3. You could always tell the Pirate with the worst B.O. He stands on the highest aft deck with his arms raised high. It was his last chance to improve his hygiene before being sent to the crows nest!

  4. BarefootSerpent on

    “Sir, those pesky Somali pirates are preparing to fire a volley from their hijacked galleon. Shall we show these buccaneers how the US Navy spells broadside?”

  5. Sent vis email Sep 30th at 12:41 pm by Barbara Smith:

    SN Bupcus was wondering where that pirate ship came from, but then realized he was looking through one of those kid’s picture things.

  6. Sent via email Sep 30th at 12:44 pm by Barbara Smith:

    ENS Stratt knew why the productivity rate went down, but he couldn’t say why in front of all those admirals, especially since they all had blackberries.

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