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  1. How did you K.B.R. guys make it past my quarterdeck watch?
    Easy SIR….we renogatied their enlistment contracts.

  2. SUPPO, being a Logistic Specailist will take some gettin’ use to….. this morning it took 2 SK’s and 1 SH to make this oatmeal.

  3. BarefootSerpent on

    “Yes, sir, since Congress declared Spam illegal, we can now stock enough SOS to serve it with every meal.”

  4. Adding toothpaste to the food was a great idea Seaman Murphy, not only does the food taste better but we’ve got great smiles also!

  5. The recruiter told me that every payday was a fortune and that every meal was a feast but he never said it was going to be the SAME feast until every payday!

  6. The C.O., X.O. and CMC decided to serve up chow for the crew prior to announcing the ship’s 3 month deployment extension.

  7. The mess cooks have that smile that says, you’d be better of eating your boot. At least you would know what you ate.

  8. When the cooks all have big smiles, the meal is either really good or really bad. The bad part is there is only one way to tell!!

  9. Scott Stroman on

    As the XO prepared to sample the mess, he wondered if he might have been just a bit too harsh during yesterday’s zone inspection…..

  10. Sorry Suppo, there is no more Tabasco/A-1/Soy sauce or even salt-n-pepper for the mess decks so we decided just to leave the FLAVOR to today’s chow!

  11. “NEVER BITE THE HAND THAT FEEDS YOU” is still a golden rule strictly enforced by all MESS CRANKING personnel.

  12. SUPPO…..The C.O. wasn’t talking about the football game when he said “Put your money where your mouth is”

  13. Suppo, the C.O. called and wanted you to bring this TO-GO plate up to him. I guess he forgot you have better things to do.

  14. MEAL EVAL:
    Service was fast and friendly and the food was warm and well prepared…. recommendation: NCIS investigation ASAP!

    Here ya go SIR, it’s just like mom use to make.
    I didn’t know your mom served in the Navy ?

  16. “No, sir, mashed potatoes should not be gray and lumpy, but look what they’ll do for your teeth.”

  17. Kraft knew all he had to do was guess everything that was included in Friday’s Mystery Mush and he would get lunch for free.

  18. Whoever thought being the new President would have so many benefits; I can’t wait to see the bathrooms and sleeping arrangements!!

  19. I never thought having that HAZMAT Navy enlistment classification code would come in handy until now—at least I can serve chow now!!

  20. Just because it is SUNDAY and the SUPPO authorized HOLIDAY ROUTINE doesn’t mean FSA’s get to cook whatever they want!!

  21. The names FORREST GUMP, Seaman Forrest if you’d like; “MAMMA always said life was like a box of chocolates, you just don’t know what you gonna get.”

  22. Give me two lumps of the good stuff–after recruit training and this chow, it should put plenty of hair on my chest!

  23. Welcome aboard SIR, all Officer’s are required to eat from plates….silverware and FLAVOR has always been an option.

  24. The Navy and Air Force has decided to switch to plates instead of trays.
    The Army and Marines have considered making the same change in the year 2049!

  25. BarefootSerpent on

    “Pssst! Guys, it’s that attention-starved Seaman Murphy on his hundredth trip through the chow line today. If we all smile and nod enthusiastically in his direction, maybe he’ll feel motivated to eat this special mush I made just for him. If the rat poison works, we’ll finally be rid of him.”

  26. Celebrating the rollout of the new aquaflage uniform, the CS’s made sloppy joe to the colors of blue and gray. Today is gray day…

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