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  1. PVT Edwards didn’t know what “Cup of Joe” meant, and he was worried as he hasn’t seen his buddy, named “Joe”, for quite some time.

  2. Until he arrived at the school, PVT Edwards didn’t believe that “Taste Tester” was still an MOS in the Naval Services.

  3. “Put a fork in it, I’m done!” That is exactly what I told the old man when he asked about decaf coffee.

  4. Sierra Caddis on

    With the PRT weigh-in only 1 week away, PVT Lipson tries the next generation of the liquid protien diet.

  5. Private Sham didn’t know the Gunny can make a “12oz Cinnamon Dolce Latte with sugar-free syrup, no whip, no foam, and ½ shot of white chocolate” with only instant MRE coffee, cream and sugar.

  6. OH GREAT! First he announces to the crew our deployment is extended. Now he wants me to taste his food. What next?

  7. Don’t listen to Gunny. It’s perfectly all right to drink from a clean cup that still has it’s original color visible.

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