SSgt John C. Beale


On June 4th, 2009, three Soldiers were killed by an IED in Afghanistan. “Twenty-one-year-old Specialist Jeffrey Jordan, 37-year-old Major Kevin Jenrette and 39-year-old Staff Sergeant John Beale were part of the Georgia National Guard’s 48th Infantry Brigade Combat [Team].” (Fox Channel 5, Atlanta)

One of them, SSgt John Beale, was returned home a week later, and this video was shot from a vehicle in the funeral procession. It is long, but watch it until the end to get a feel for what this country still feels about its fallen warriors. The procession route was announced in local papers without fanfare.


This is a view from one of the many people along the way – it gives you an appreciation of the size of the procession.


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  1. Thank you for posting this tribute, and for sharing John’s full procession. It’s absolutely outstanding.

    My fiance, 2LT Peter Burks, was KIA on November 14, 2007. The trip from the airport to the funeral home when he came home was breath taking – people lined the busiest streets in Dallas to salute and wave the American flag as our hero rode by. They deserve nothing less…

    Sending thoughts and prayers to John’s family.

    With faith,

  2. Melissa – Thank you for sharing your story, and describing Peter’s procession from the airport. The people lining the streets in Dallas are the true reflection of this country’s character.

    I won’t even try to suggest that I know the bittersweet emotions a video like this conjures up for you, but I want you to know that we all share in your loss, and salute Peter’s service and sacrifice for those in need.

    I hope that time and the good Lord have eased the pain a bit, and that warm memories have replaced the tears.

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