Dangerous People


There are a lot of scary things in the military, but two things frighten me the most: SEALs and computer guys.


SEALs can freeze you with one look.
Computer guys can freeze up your laptop with one click.

SEALs use high tech equipment to wipe out their enemies.
IT guys use high tech equipment and sometimes wipe your hard drive.

SEALs can insert themselves in hostile territory and kill their adversaries.
Computer guys can insert a code and kill your ability to watch YouTube.

SEALs can ruin a bad guy’s whole day.
Computer techs can ruin all your files…which also ruins your whole day.

Both of them use passwords and have their own language.

When called, you never know when either of them will show up.

…And when they do, bad things usually happen.

Just to clear the air and avoid (a) being “eliminated” or (b) “infected with a virus”, let me just say that I have the utmost respect for both of these communities, and admire their knowledge and skills. They are professionals who contribute tremendously to our national security.

And I sure hope I didn’t offend eith

[Microsoft has encountered a problem and needs to shut down.]


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