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  1. Thank you! I will be picking this up today. I really enjoy all the almost forgotten smaller stories that fall in the cracks of history books. One of the reasons I’ve kept a set of encyclopedias from the late 1800s. Do you know how much civil war info is in these??? The war was only 40 years old when they were written!

    Another great one is the story of the Airmen and the Headhunters. I saw that was on TV this week as well.

  2. I’ve hit a rough patch. It’s written with all the excitement of stereo instructions. HOWEVER, it directly mirrors the frustration and tediousness that the tiny group was going through trying to get up and running through the early campaigns of WWII, no orders, no supplies, no men, no rules, but all the burocracy that comes with dealing with the military- add being a joint force to that, and OH what a nightmare. If they can trudge through Southern Italty, then SO CAN I ! At least I have a hot shower and a warm bed.

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