April Fool’s Day postscript


If you fell for the Taylor Swift Moment post, you are not alone. One doesn’t expect to read a pack of lies on a respected, military-oriented website. But then again, one can hardly expect a cartoonist to resist the temptations that come with April Fool’s Day. I love April 1st because (a) it is the only day I can write the most outrageous lies I can think of without repercussion, and (b) I don’t have to fact check anything.

Did you find the clues that were sprinkled throughout the article? If you look again, see if you can find the eleven references (not including the photo) to Stephan Pastis and his popular cartoon strip, “Pearls Before Swine.” Once you think you found them, check here – I have highlighted them in red. There are a few other “tells” that I highlighted in blue.

And, uh, no hard feelings, right?


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  1. I figured it out when the drunken lout appeared to have a strong resemblance to Mr. Pastis – and hey, cartoons are supposed to be fun.

    But it still didn’t top your “Recruiting Pastis” strip from last year.

    Pretty creative stuff from an ex-lawyer and a retired “ossifer.” (with all due respect, sir)

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