Another reason not to like dentists


Remember the story about the dead tooth and the dentist who wanted to do a root canal because he needed the practice? Well Rich, a Navy veteran, told me a story that made mine seem pretty insignificant. Here is his story:

“I have an interesting story for you. Several years ago while I was stationed at the Mobile Meteorological Team out of Rota Spain, I was in the dentist office for a check up. The Dentist found 6 cavities. I did not have time to get any of them fixed at the time; shortly after, I transferred to Norfolk, Va. I reported to the dentist office, and he found 3 cavities, but said they were not deep and would not do anything with them right now.

“Two years later I retired and my wife was a dental assistant so I made an appointment with the dentist that she worked for. He did an exam and found no cavities. So I went from 6 cavities to 3 cavities to no cavities in about 3 years with no fillings.”

Rich, either your wife (the dental assistant) is doing a heck of a job on your teeth, or you just gave me one more reason not to like dentists.


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