You remember the shock of September 11, 2001. You remember how you felt as you stood transfixed in front of the TV.

You’ll also remember how you felt when you heard this.


I am a Navy veteran and proud of the SEALs. But this isn’t about the SEALs or the Navy. It is about America. The evil and confused of the world don’t understand the concept that as messy as our republic can be, and despite our constant quibbling, there is a strength that underlies it all. This is a powerful country, and its citizens are proud.

Bin Laden didn’t understand that. He thought we would quit. He thought we would lose interest. In retrospect, maybe some of us had. But not all of us. Not most of us. The memory of what he had done – and what he started – never went away.

He thought we would lose our nerve, that we would take our eyes off the target.

In the last seconds of his life he realized – ironically – that he was the target.

As someone said in response to an article about the operation, there is great satisfaction in knowing the last thing he saw before he died…

was an American.


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