First Wyakin Warrior Scholarships awarded


The Wyakin Warrior Foundation announced that it has awarded scholarships to its first class of Wyakin Warriors, set to attend school in the fall of this year.

Scholarship awardees are: Joshua Barnes, Colby Morgan, Nick Edinger, and James Nealey. They will attend classes at Boise State University and the College of Western Idaho.

The Wyakin Warrior program provides a comprehensive package of education (full ride scholarship, including living expenses), mentoring (five for each student), training (given by the nation’s leaders in business, industry and government), and job placement for severely wounded and injured veterans. (Wyakin is a Native American term meaning “Guardian Spirit.”)

In addition to attending classes, the first class (also known as the Pathfinder class), will participate in developing the standards and traditions that will be used by hundreds of future Wyakin Warriors who will follow in their footsteps in the years ahead. The class beginning in 2012 is anticipated to be as large as 25.

If you know of a veteran who has been severely wounded or injured and might be interested in becoming a Wyakin Warrior, you can send his or her contact information to the Foundation using this page from the Wyakin Warrior website (scholarships are not based on academic achievement, but on character and motivation). For information about the Wyakin Warrior Foundation or to learn more about the program, look at

Congratulations to the scholarship awardees!

From the Wyakin Warrior Pentagon brief (May 2010): “All we want to do is give these young veterans who have already sacrificed on our behalf all the tools they need – without compromise – to excel in their chosen professions…and to be judged by their capabilities and content of their character, rather than by whatever physical challenges they may face.”


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