After the tornado hits


We spend a lot of time talking about military matters, but sometimes it is important to remember those who are served by the military. The image you see above is the wall cloud preceding the tornado that devastated the small Kansas town of Reading.

This is a photograph of the tornado itself, taken at about 9pm local.

It was taken by my brother in Emporia, Kansas – just a few miles away.

Anyone who has lived in the midwest knows about the power and destruction of tornadoes, and the terror they inspire. What always inspires me, though, is the way the residents of those small towns work together to comfort and care for each other in the aftermath of a devastating twister. It happened in Kansas, and it happened again the next day when a more destructive storm hit Joplin, Missouri.

It is heart-breaking to see the aftermath, but truly heart warming to see neighbors caring for neighbors after the sirens have stopped.


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