The card


I had a conversation today with a woman who wants to volunteer to help wounded and injured veterans. The conversation was light, informative and genuine.

Somewhere along the way she told us a story.

After 9/11 she wanted to do something to let the troops know she cared. Being a teacher, she wrote down what was in her heart. She thanked the troops for their service, their sacrifice, and promised to think of them and pray for them.

The she printed her words on a business card with an American flag on it. And now, whenever she sees a military member she simply hands a card to him or her, smiles and walks on.

She joked that many think she is trying to sell them something when she first extends her hand with a card in it.

But when they read it, you can imagine what they feel.

Just a simple card with a powerful message. As I thought about it, she represented what the overwhelming majority of people in this country feel, and don’t know what to do about it.

She did something.


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