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We weren’t even a country yet, but we had an Army.

On June 14, 1775 the Continental Congress authorized the adoption of the rabble of volunteers surrounding Boston into the colonies’ first Army. They called it the Continental Army; its first Soldier was a Virginia farmer and former militiaman named George Washington.

The Army has grown and matured over the 237 years since. Today, rather than a rag tag group of volunteers, it is made up of professional warriors – all of whom, by the way, are still volunteers.

Over the last several years I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know many Soldiers, something that occurs only rarely in a Naval Officer’s career. I have found them to be professional, motivated, and with a keen sense of purpose for their service’s mission.

Officially, it is by coincidence that the Army’s birthday falls on Flag Day – the creation of both was on June 14 – but I choose to believe otherwise. What more fitting way could there be to honor the creation of our nation’s flag than by sharing the day with the very Army that defends it every day?

To my Army brothers, happy birthday and congratulations on 237 years of spectacular service to country. You are not only the heroes of the week; you are the heroes of all of our nation’s wars.

Even before we were a nation.


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