After the explosions in Boston yesterday, no one wants to hear witticisms or look at funny cartoons. I certainly don’t feel in the mood to be clever.

One thing that should be mentioned, however, was the instantaneous response by first responders. Boston had drilled for similar events, and it showed. Working in the midst of chaos were police, medical personnel, SWAT members, and several people in uniform.

(Massachusetts National Guard at the Boston Marathon – US Army photo)

The uniforms belonged to the 400 or so Massachusetts National Guardsmen who were there to provide crowd control for the race. Some of them were among the first to run toward the blast scenes to render aide where it was needed. Eventually, Guardsmen were used to establish a perimeter around the sites of the two explosions.

Heroes run toward the emergency. The first responders did, and so did the National Guard. They are our heroes of the week.

My God protect and comfort those affected by the attacks.


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