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(UPDATE: Contest has ended, and thanks to you the Wyakin Warrior Foundation received the most money in donations and had the highest number of donations of all small nonprofits in the state. On behalf of the Wyakin Warriors, thank you!)

You know that ten bucks in your wallet? You could go out and spend it on some foo-foo coffee or get a super-sized meal at the drive through…OR you can put it to good use. You can invest it to help a severely wounded or injured veteran get through school, learn life skills, and start out in a new career.

It’s a measly ten bucks!

All day today – AND ONLY TODAY – the Wyakin Warrior Foundation is taking part in “Idaho Gives” – a statewide effort to raise money for worthy nonprofits. Matching funds are also applied, so your donation actually gets larger!

Click here to donate (or click on the monkeys).

Wyakin means “Guardian Spirit.” Be a Wyakin to those who served (maybe alongside you) and sacrificed for their country. The Warriors need to raise money to bring in more gravely injured veterans into the program. They need OUR help!

It’s just ten. Measly. Bucks.

Or more if you want…

I don’t make a dime out this organization, in case you were wondering, but I believe we owe those wounded warriors any help we can provide. And I’ll bet you feel the same way.

Please donate! (click here) And please, PLEASE pass this on to your Facebook/Twitter followers. Ask them to share it too.

Donations are accepted from anywhere on the planet.

It all ends at midnight tonight.

One day.

Ten measly bucks.


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