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When most people have midlife crises, they buy a fast car or go hiking with Sherpas. Cartoonists start new strips.

So I am developing a new cartoon panel, and am inviting you to help develop it. The target this time will be the civilian workforce – you know, the ones who live outside the gates. It has been over eight years since I last wore a uniform, and since then it has become clear that funny things happen to civilians too.

I have a rough concept of the idea and have convinced a few friends to toss around ideas, and you are invited to join in the food fight/discussion. It will begin to show up online each week, and if you have suggestions, comments, ideas or whatever, feel free to chime in!

Then, if it isn’t funny, you will have no one to blame but yourself.

(Broadside and Greenside will continue forever, or as long as the Gannett folks let me.)

(article updated Jan 15)


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  1. I’m thinking some panels about transitioning from military to civilian life might have potential as a starter. How about the retired four-striper who is enduring a job interview with a kid who graduated from college 6 weeks ago?

  2. Scott’s comment above hit the exact point I was thinking. The retired/separated military guy(gal) trying to transition / fit in with the modern workforce. Could be lots of potential story lines.

  3. I like Scott’s idea as well, especially for someone that is getting ready to retire after 22 years. I also think you could mix it up. I worked quite a few years at Commander Naval Air Forces, Norfolk VA. There, the civilian workforce outnumbers the military. I can tell you, sometimes dealing with civilians, both prior service and not, has its ups and downs. The funniest ones were always the ones that still think they wear the uniform: “I’m an O4 ‘equivalent'”. I just laughed and said, that’s fine “equivalent” take your damn trash out!

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