The flag of flowers


(Photo by Bill Morson)

You may have seen this photo before, and it has a pretty cool story behind it. Planted by the Bodger Seed Company near Lompoc, California in 2002 as a tribute to the September 2001 attacks, it was (quoting from the City of Lompoc website) “…740 feet wide and 390 feet high and maintained the proper flag dimensions as described in executive order #10834. This flag was 6.65 acres and was the first floral flag to be planted with 5 pointed stars, each star was 24 feet in diameter and each stripe 30 feet wide. This flag was estimated to contain more than 400,000 Larkspur plants with 4-5 flower stems each for a total of more than 2 million flowers. It’s life span was approximately 3 months and went to seed in early August 2002.”

It was only planted once. But it was a beauty while it lasted.


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