I just showed my daughter the Gangnam Style flight deck video that was posted a while back and she loved it. (She is young, so I told her the words are “sickly lady” in the chorus, not sexy lady. Don’t tell her until she is about 30, please.)

This is the one:


Anyway, it occurred to me that people in the military are optimists.


For the last nine years or so, videos have been posted on this blog showing Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen…even Midshipmen singing songs, dancing, and generally acting like twelve-year-olds on the first day of summer break – all for the camera. And we love it. Why? Because we can identify with them.

I mean, who can NOT like this video?


Even in bad places at bad times, the men and women in the military have a knack for putting a happy face on things. There is something comforting about laughing at adversity. Remember Ramadi? Ramadi was a bad, bad place in 2006. But some Soldiers still managed to produce this:


Not to get all emotional and all, but the Fourth of July is coming up and the day serves as a reminder that a uniquely American spirit dwells in all of us. No matter the circumstances, no matter the seriousness of the moment, that spirit is always there, feeling its oats and itching to be released.

And I guess that’s what makes me an optimist too.


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