Knowing a good thing when you see it



Sailors and Marines are arguably the world’s best at recognizing a sweet deal and seizing it. Most people are slower to react to an opportunity. They hesitate, size up the situation, plan out the next step, and act – but only if the pros outweigh the cons. The troops don’t have that problem.

In the flash of an eye, they can size up a situation and take action.


I saw it happen again this weekend at a small town 4th of July parade. There was one band, dozens of flatbed trucks, smiling princesses, and a strong showing from the farm equipment industry.


And horses. LOTS of horses.


And although this has become our favorite place to celebrate the 4th, the only military representation was at the very beginning, when three older veterans and one young Marine escorted the American flag to start off the parade as every single person lining the street stood and removed his or her hat. The moment made me proud to be an American.

After the parade was about half over, though, I noticed that same young Marine walking along the side of the street in the opposite direction. His dress uniform was spotless. He walked with confidence and pride and everyone noticed him.


Along the way, old men shook his hand, children thanked him for his service, and young women about his age gave him shy smiles.

He was the only military presence in the town. He knew a good deal when he saw it, and he jumped at it.

And I could only grin and tip my hat.


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    Isn’t my home town awesome? Glad you get to see Border days in all its glory. The military reception there is unsurpassed. Maybe be we will merry some day.

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