Wine tasting is for wimps



In retrospect, this may not be the best title for an article that will hit the streets four days before Valentine’s Day, but I think I can justify it by saying people in the military have a love affair with coffee.


As you may know, Starbucks has announced that it plans to hire 10,000 veterans by 2018, and on Tuesday they are coming to talk to the wounded and injured veterans in the Wyakin Warrior program, since both groups have the mutual goal of placing veterans in successful careers.

But they also announced that they will host a coffee tasting for the warriors and volunteers, and as a retired Sailor, I am giddy with anticipation. I mean, what a concept! The room will be full of veterans, or what Starbucks might call a target rich environment.


Not that I have anything against wine, but there are a lot of advantages to a coffee tasting.

1. No designated driver – in fact you get home really quickly.
2. John Wayne drank coffee.
3. No slurred speech after a few samples (just the opposite).
4. No carbs.
5. No snooty people who “know everything” about wine.

Sorry. Didn’t mean to shout there, but it has taken me two cups of coffee to write this and I’m a little wired.

Maybe I should have a glass of wine.


[If you are in the Boise area Tuesday night, you can join us. It’s free. Call 208-853-6001 for details. And don’t worry – it isn’t a fundraiser.]


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