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Think back to January 21st of this year. Now imagine that every single day since then until today you have been shot at by thousands of rounds of mortars, artillery and small arms, and you cannot leave. That is what the survivors of one of the most intense and desperate battles of the Vietnam War experienced every day from late January through early April of 1968. The place was called Khe Sanh.

One of them, Ken Rodgers, along with his wife Betty created a riveting documentary called “Bravo!, Common Men, Uncommon Valor“. Here is the trailer.

The film is as much about the men who survived as it is about the battle itself, maybe more so. Earlier this week I had the rare privilege of not only seeing Ken and Betty, but also meeting several other survivors who were in town to support some local viewings. They were quick to smile, but the memory of Khe Sanh and all the tragedy they saw still lies just beneath the surface.

I have seen the documentary twice – once in a theater and once at home on the DVD I purchased. It is very powerful and moving. They will come to your town for a special screening if you request it, and will designate a veteran-oriented charity to receive proceeds from the event. I recommend you consider taking them up on the offer. You will not regret it.

From their website (bravotheproject.com):

“You are invited to request a screening for your community or organization. The filmmakers will be honored to attend your event. If you wish to request a one-time license to host a screening without the filmmakers, please contact Ken Rodgers at kennetherodgers@gmail.com to make arrangements. Thank you for your interest.”

If you get to meet some of the survivors of Khe Sanh, you will feel the same rare privilege we did. And when you do, tell them “Welcome Home” from the rest of us.


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