I have heard it say that it takes time to earn a veteran’s trust.


Maybe, but in the cartoon world it takes one day.

Exhibit Number One: this cartoon.


If Gannett Government Media (owners of Marine Corps Times) had accidentally left off the caption, I would be dead right now. Marines are not exactly known for showing compassion to people who insinuate they are sissies.

The fact that you are reading this is a good indication that everything went smoothly in the printing process.

They say in cartooning circles that you should only use a caption when both the cartoon and the caption need each other. Left alone, neither would make any sense.

For example:

No caption
trust 07123151fallout500 no cap

trust 07123151fallout500

Here’s another.

No caption
trust 09071328spousefitrepscolor500 no cap

trust 09071328spousefitrepscolor500

So in the right circumstances, captions make things funnier. In other circumstances, like when you are making fun of the Marine Corps, captions keep you from getting a Code Red or worse. I am not even sure Code Reds are real, but I would prefer not to find out.

Ironically, since I have been gone for a couple of weeks and mail was on hold, I cannot unequivocally say that the Gannett team actually put the caption on the print version of Marine Corps Times. But I trust them.

Besides, if they didn’t, you would know because I wouldn’t live long enough to even finish this arti


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