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In deciding on auction items for a charity event (Guardian Ball on December 5th), we came up with a brilliant idea that is guaranteed to bring a lot of interest; and by interest I mean donations since we’re trying to find more money to bring more veterans into the most excellent Wyakin Warrior program.

Since I am in full disclosure mode, it wasn’t exactly “we” that came up with the idea. It was my wife but she is asleep and can’t see what I am writing.

So it was me.

The idea? The day after the Guardian Ball, all of the cartoonists will pile into a van and drive out to the winner’s house, then draw on his/her walls, doors, counters, or whatever they want.

marvs wall 2 400

I am assuming they will be somewhat specific, because the cartoonists will come armed with Sharpies and they won’t be afraid to use them.

In case you were wondering, this has been done before, but on a more informal basis.

Here is some graffiti drawn on a bunker wall in an undisclosed location but you can guess where.

Two famous cartoonists (Tom Richmond and Jeff Keane) ratting out another (Rick Kirkman's Baby Blues)

Two famous cartoonists (Tom Richmond and Jeff Keane) ratting out another (Rick Kirkman’s Baby Blues)

Then just last year my buddy Marv invited about a dozen cartoonists over to his house – they were in town for the Guardian Ball – and this is what happened:

marvs wall 500

The cartoonists claimed that they had increased the value of Marv’s house.

You’re welcome, Marv.

Realtors might take issue with the claim that a wall full of graffiti is a good thing, but I think they are just jealous that they didn’t think of the idea first.

Which brings me back to the Guardian Ball. To sweeten the pot (vernacular for “in case no one bids”) the cartoonists will bring pizza with them!

And at the risk of whipping the readership into a full frenzy, I heard that there is an excellent chance that GI Joe will accompany the artists. He is no stranger to cartooning trips himself.

Ray "Doll Face" Alma and Joe

Ray “Doll Face” Alma and Joe

Come to the ball if you can (click here to get tickets), buy a ticket for a wounded warrior, or just donate. It all goes to helping wounded, injured and ill veterans get through school and into careers.

Come to the ball, if for no other reason than to get a dozen or so cartoonists to scribble on your walls. It is the best auction item ever!

Glad I thought of it.

[Added Nov 18]

In case you were wondering, the cartoonists who will be there to scribble on walls are:

Ed Steckley (Illustrator)
Ray Alma (MAD)
Dave Mowder (Looney Tunes/Disney characters)
Brian Crane (Pickles)
Rob Harrell (Monster on the Hill/Adam at Home/Life of Zarf)
Mason Masotrianni (B.C.)
Rick Kirkman (Baby Blues)
Jeff Keane (The Family Circus)
Jeff Myers (The Simpsons/Rick and Morty/Family Guy)
Chad Carpenter (Tundra)
Todd Clark (Lola)
Steve Moore (In the Bleachers)
Jeff Bacon (Broadside/Greenside)


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