You did what?!


People amaze me.

Boise State recently held what they call an Appathon, which is where teams of students participate to develop mobile apps during a “weekend coding marathon.” When I was in college, weekends were made for road trips, pennying doors and seeing how many marshmallows we could stuff up our noses. Even if they had had apps back then (or cell phones for that matter), we would never have dreamed of actually designing one in our spare time. Free time was not meant for cerebral things, especially cerebral things that made you think.

But I digress.

In case you are interested, the creators of the Appathon designed a website that explains how it all works (of course they did) – just click on the image below.

Or – if you are not destined to be a programmer, you can just watch a short video that gives you an idea of what they did over a weekend in February.

But this isn’t about Appathons. Well, it is sort of, but this is really about the participants, and by participants the teams that took first and second.

Each of the top two teams included a wounded warrior in its ranks. Both happen to be in the Wyakin Warrior program.

You would never know it by looking at the video, and that is my point. Their injuries were not mentioned or highlighted. Rather, their accomplishments at the conclusion of a ridiculously complex marathon were celebrated.

It is precisely that sort of treatment that we owe the servicemen and women who are coming home, and not because they deserve it. Because they earned it.

In their spare time.


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