Cinco de Wyakin


*** UPDATE ***

The one day fundraising event is over – thank you for participating!

Once a year the state of Idaho hosts an event designed to raise awareness and money for nonprofits, and this year it is today – on Cinco de Mayo!

This is a different kind of donation. They don’t ask for the moon. Instead, they concentrate on participation. The more donors – at whatever level – the better the organization does, plus the top performers get additional bonuses.

The charity I am endorsing is the Wyakin Warrior Foundation. They enable wounded and injured veterans to achieve personal and professional success as business and community leaders.

All they are asking for is ten bucks. Ten bucks! Think about it – what does ten dollars get you nowadays?

Maybe a beer at a fancy restaurant.

For the price of a pair of socks you can help put a wounded, injured or ill veteran through school and into a career.

The money goes to a worthy cause – one that I and many others volunteer for – designed to help those who have sacrificed for their country as they navigate through school and prepare to enter their chosen careers. It is the most comprehensive program of its kind in the country.

Just click on the donate button. It’s easy. I just did it.


This nonprofit is volunteer led and relies on a small staff and an army of volunteers to support the Wyakin Warriors as they face down their personal obstacles on the way to achieving their goals. Their retention rate is about twice the national average for veterans, and every graduate is either working in a job with career potential, or has gone on to postgraduate education.

For about the price of a supersized meal of fast food, you can be part of the solution by helping deserving troops move on and become business and community leaders.

Ten bucks will only get you about a hundred miles down the road.
It can also be the fuel that propels a young veteran who is transitioning out of the military and into an exciting new career.

If you know me, you know that I don’t endorse something unless I believe in it, and I believe in this program. It works. Its warrior graduates are excelling. By combining our efforts the graduates’ successes become our successes. Their victories become our victories.

Sounds like a good way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo!

Wyakin won three years ago, so if you are wondering if your donation makes a difference, it does. I hope you can join us in supporting the men and women who served and sacrificed on our behalf!



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