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Today is election day and most of the people I talk to think we are in deep kimchi no matter who wins. I don’t do politics, but what I DO know is that my town…heck, my state is in Big Trouble because it is about to be overrun by a rogue band of [gulp]…


I know. Scary. They will be in town to support the Wyakin Foundation’s Guardian Ball on December 3rd, and the authorities have been alerted. You can join them, you know – heck, even sit at their tables and dine with them. All you have to do is come to Boise and buy a ticket to the inspirational and entertaining annual fundraiser and gala (click here for information). The proceeds go to the nonprofit Wyakin Foundation that assists wounded and injured warriors get through school and into rewarding careers.

Here is an artist’s sketch by the talented Ed Steckley, world famous illustrator and part-time male model.


Here is a breakdown of who they are:

Jeff "Godfather" Keane

Jeff “Godfather” Keane


Jeff draws the internationally known and universally beloved “The Family Circus.” He has been to the Middle East so many times that complacency is setting in. On his last trip to Afghanistan, he refused to put on protective gear during a mortar attack because hey, the dude in The Hurt Locker didn’t need his.

Tom "Cheat Sheet" Stiglich

Tom “Cheat Sheet” Stiglich

Author of “Disconnected” and “Uncle Joe”, Tom is famous for getting lost on base in Iraq, and when asked by military police where he was supposed to be, he said, “Philadelphia.”

Stephan "Judd" Pastis

Stephan “Brandon” Pastis


A former lawyer and current “Pearls Before Swine” creator, Stephan once played electronic Trivial Pursuit for hours at a bar in Landstuhl until his name filled all ten top scores on the screen. Brandon, the guy whose sole accomplishment in life was dominating that screen before Stephan showed up and bumped him, is reportedly still looking for him.

Chad "Iceman" Carpenter

Chad “Iceman” Carpenter


“Tundra” cartoonist and indy movie producer, Chad comes from the same town as Sara Palin. His nickname comes from where he lives, not from being a cold-blooded automaton. Then again, I haven’t seen him fly an F-14.

Steve "Roger" Moore

Steve “Roger” Moore

Author of the sports-related panel “In the Bleachers”, Steve not only looks like Roger Moore, we believe he may actually be James Bond. Maybe Austin Powers.

Mason "Magnet" Mastroianni

Mason “Magnet” Mastroianni

Mason draws the world famous “B.C.” comic. Name does not fit on the back of football jerseys or military name tape.

Jeff "Gherkin" Myers

Jeff “Gherkin” Myers

One of the directors and artists for “Rick and Morty“, Jeff is one of those people who never gets flapped. Nicknamed “Gherkin” because no matter what life throws at him, he is always as cool as a cucumber. Plus I have seen him pickled.

Bill "Riddler" HInds

Bill “Riddler” HInds

Bill is prolific as a cartoonist, drawing Tank McNamara (he looks like Tank too), Cleats and Buzz Beamer. Popular travel companion in war zones because he is easy to hide behind.

Bruce "Foghorn" Higdon

Bruce “Foghorn” Higdon

Undoubtedly the most traveled of all the cartoonists, Bruce has been to just about every location the USO or National Cartoonists Society has sent cartoonists. Maybe it has something to do with his Army background. He has a southern gentleman demeanor, but he is becoming bitter over the Army-Navy football rivalry.

Todd "Bailey" Clark

Todd “Bailey” Clark

Author of “Lola” and one of the funniest gag writers in the business, Todd’s callsign comes from George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Despite multiple attempts to travel to war zones, Todd’s trips inevitably get redirected to other countries for security reasons.

Paul "Smokey" Combs

Paul “Smokey” Combs

Not only does Paul draw “Drawn by Fire”, a cartoon known by every firefighter in the country; he actually IS a fireman. Built like a linebacker with a full head of hair, my envy resentment admiration is already well-documented.

Dave "Yum Yum" Mowder

Dave “Yum Yum” Mowder


Dave is licensed to draw just about every famous cartoon on the planet – Disney, Looney Tunes…you name it. Not only is he incredibly talented, but he also is an acknowledged diplomat and linguist. “Yum Yum” is Dave’s way of asking a Kuwaiti waiter, “Does this dish taste good?”

So there you have it. These guys are all coming to Boise, and you can meet them, dine with them, or just get a drawing from them on December 3rd. The money goes to a great cause, and you will have a blast. Click here to get tickets, or if you just want to donate, you can always click here.

If you DO fly in from out of town for the event, let me know personally and I will make sure you get special treatment. You can’t miss me. I look like this:

Jeff "Old Navy" Bacon

Jeff “Old Navy” Bacon


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