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Hey, this is the last caption contest for awhile, as we get ready to introduce some animation shorts. Thanks to everyone who played each week – I wish I had your imagination! Catch one of the four wires and you’ll stop. If that doesn’t work, we use the barricade. And if that doesn’t work….. Winning caption by Scott Stroman Honorable mentions: IrishSailor: Ummm…why didn’t anyone tell me the mail helo was inbound? mikeyB: Uh, that low altitude, fast mover was the Captain…in his gig…returning from liberty…and he’s going to be late. Vagster: “Scratch one GU-11″ CIWS CHIEF: Combat, Mount 21,…

Things are hopping at Broadside Headquarters. Never satisfied with good enough, we’re going to change a few things around, and explore some new frontiers. First off, we’ll have a new schedule: Monday: Broadside of the Week Tuesday: Broadside Moments Wednesday: Greenside of the Week Thursday: Hero of the Week Friday: Here’s where it gets interesting…(read on) The caption contest will be replaced with (gulp) an animated feature that will initially show up every three weeks, and eventually every other week (we hope). It’ll be a lot of fun, and I hope you join us on the journey as we delve…

Looks like our request for UAV support got garbled… Winning caption by Frank Black Honorable mentions: IT1 (SW) Allan Davis: “Joint Operations taken to the next level” pog_nation: The Other Greenside… Private Partz: “We’re going to have to make that border fence MUCH higher.” mutton chop: Yeah, we think Afghanistan looks like the moon too… But you seem a bit more lost than us. CIWS CHIEF: Take me to BACON, he owes me ten bucks!

Pvt Henderson misunderstood the Gunny’s orders to form a “Beach Party” Winning caption by Bud Livers Honorable mentions: Sierra Caddis: If the Air Force ran amphibious OPS. soldierofgod03: “Send a message back to HQ…….the Marines have landed and the situation is well in hand!” bigbeartr57: NO ONE has to know. Richard Hull: For the locals, WWII reenactments on Saipan have become routine over the years. litbush: The Global War on Touristism (also BarefootSerpent: D-Day in the war on tourism)

IA rule number 1: Don’t call the Gunny “Chief”. Winning caption by LTJG Jonathan Allmond Honorable mentions: David Jensen: “Psst. I told you he took the CG’s doughnut” swo4life: “Apparently he was in charge of ordering our covers…” Richman: Psst – Remember, 2nd Lieutenants are dangerous in the field, not in garrison. Just look scared and we have nothing to worry about.

There are 4 Marines and 6 Navy SEALs in this picture. How many can you find? Winning caption by Andrew Riffe Honorable Mentions: Scott Stroman: More feared than the cry of “INCOMING”…the shout of “SKUNK”!!!! Richman: Hiding from the “Good Idea Fairy”. mutton chop: Ft Benning, GA (UPI): Economy forces jump school to adopt new training regime. mike118122: That’s what happens when you forget to feed your patrol dog, first!

Coming soon to a theater near you: The Dirty Dozen meet One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest. Winning caption by Steve Hatley Honorable Mentions: Terry M: They knew Cpl. Smith was up to something when he insisted on packing his own chute. TMURPHY: Here comes the Admiral AGAIN! mncmbabcock: Geez…I really wish they would quit recruiting officers from MIT!

Pvt Edwards didn’t know what “Cup of Joe” meant, and he was worried as he hasn’t seen his buddy – named “Joe” – for quite some time. Winning caption by Richard Hull mutton chop: Does a “vente” have eight legs? WXMAN: Navy coffee, not only can you stand your spoon up in it, you can chew it. You’ve got to love it. IrishSailor: That’s right Chief…that new Ensign made the coffee today! And the “make me work” award goes to CAPT Deepdiver for: Rule #7 ! (from NCIS Series). I looked it up. Rule #7 is: “Always be specific when…

This is the last time I get tickets in the nose- bleed section. Winning caption by Tom Murphy Honorable Mentions: spud: Almost immediately, ENS Johnson realized he should’ve approved Chief Jones’ leave. Scott Stroman: The Command Fitness Coordinator suddenly realized that putting the BMC on the “Fat Boy Program” may have not been the best move……. CIWS CHIEF: Smokers…Just one more reason the Ensign should stay on the Chief’s good side. Richman: Even though the Marines stood behind their guy, their wagers stood behind the Navy.

The first day at work after the last day in command. Winning caption by Michael Junge This was a tough week for the judges! There were a ton of great captions. Here are a few of our favorites: WXMAN: This is the 4th Monday this week, and its only Wednesday. mikeyB: Now, instead of the “Old Man,” you are the old man in cubicle E-2-J1-3-A4. DocMcCray: Chief Floyd was giving serious consideration to giving out gold stars instead of writing evals this year. Richman: Coffee…. I … Need…Coffee.

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