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Wrong hose, wrong hose! Winning caption by Terry Martin Honorable mentions: Skippy: ENFR Duffy recalls the exact moment the Navy’s “Minimum Manning” policy was implemented on his ship. Rharlan695: This is not a drill. QMCGREENE: Number 1 nozzleman just realized the 15 minute Halon soak time just expired.

The effects of Individual Augmentation finally reach Kentucky. Winning caption by Kevin Ramey Honorable mentions: Steve Wallace: “The Lone Ranger, circa 2009.” Untamed: Due to budget cuts, armored cavalry is now going back to regular cavalry. Pat: Four Legged Mobile Transportation Unit contemplates how to discharge excess cargo. tbonham1: Heartbreak Ridge meets a Fist Full of Dollars. Jason Chudy: Lance Cpl. Jones soon regretted volunteering when Gunny asked for someone to maintain the new Mk. 1 Hybrid Off-Road Support Equipment. RetiredSailor: I say AGAIN – Come right 30 degrees!

Psst, hey Smitty, they’re watching us from the bridge. Start looking like we expected this to happen. Winning caption by Art Smith Honorable mentions: CIWS CHIEF: I guess we know now where that missing cleaning rod went… TMURPHY: So this is why a canon shell is labeled, “Front towards enemy”. WXMAN: Well there goes our battle E! Richman: Duct tape & bailing wire – nobody will know the difference….. Vagster: I don’t think the wrench will fix this!

YOU CAN’T BE LOOKING AT THAT STUFF!! (send me the link) DON’T LET ME CATCH YOU DOING THAT AGAIN! Winning caption by Richard Hull Honorable mentions: Terry M: So you are DdOG0311 on the discussion boards! bravesfan4187: You’re in deep water now Sir; by clicking “reply to all” your little joke has gone all the way to the top! WXMAN: What are you doing, sending the C.O a nasty-gram on MY EMAIL ACCOUNT? Cudgel: Enter those caption contests when you are off duty!! Broadside notes: Thanks, tbonham1, for clearing up what a Demars letter is.

The absence of the “strategic comma” Winning caption by Michael Junge Honorable mentions: navydm-ph: It’s me- in whites- with the hat. fblack: The car keys will be in the first mail bag, I promise… Terry M: Help! I am on the wrong ship! AndyKraft: Single and Available!

The first meeting of the boat’s Polar Bear club quickly adjourned. Winning caption by Frank Black Honorable Mentions: KirkBenson: Despite the change in tasking from the original Caribbean patrol, the crew wanted to make the best of their new liberty port. tbonham1: Swim Call North Pole Style Scott Stroman: For some things, even a “double dog dare” isn’t enough.

Well, not all things are Army proof… Winning caption by Heather Geiger Honorable Mentions: CIWS CHIEF: Might as well change the oil while it’s up there…. Private Partz: “You two lift the Hummer and I’ll move the rock.” WXMAN: Iraq speed bump.

This gives “low guy on the totem pole” a whole new meaning. Winning caption by Kevin Ramey Honorable Mentions: magicmant: I hate it when we have to train with the Australia military Jethro: Can you spot the new IA????? TMURPHY: This is the first and last time I will ever fly SPACE “A”! Terry M: Cirque Du Soleil Marine style toolsmcd: One weekend a month, 2 weeks a year. Some need a bit more time to become proficient…

SURFING …United States Coast Guard Style!! Winning caption by Andy Kraft Honorable Mentions: Richman: The difference between just having fun, and getting paid while having fun: The US Coast Guard. hotwire98: When the Coast Guard goes surfing, they bring out the big toys. mikeyB: Just a routine speedbump in the life of a Coastie! WXMAN: SURFS UP.

“Nubs” are always great entertainment during slow GQ drills. Winning caption by Matt McDonald astig2: Lefty Loosey; Righty Tighty is now taught during the ship’s indoctrination class. TMURPHY: Long before XBOX and Playstation came along, Sailors played NASCAR with what they had available. MrNavy: Switching the DCPO’s silicone grease with super glue had gone a little too far.

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