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Now we have 100% participation for the annual Combined Federal Campaign contribution Winning caption by MM1(SS) Bonham Honorable Mentions: WXMAN: Next time you tell me to shake a leg, please be more specific. TMURPHY: Re-enlistments are at an all time high due to the economic recession and some good ole’ retention techniques. astig2: SOP for a choking victim before the Heimlich Maneuver was invented

Beware of mess-attendants, bearing smiles. Winning caption by Greg Emerson Honorable Mentions: BarefootSerpent: The mess hall version of a Happy Meal. netpinoy: As the old saying goes, “The most dangerous folks on the ship are CS’s with a smile…” TMURPHY: Crab legs and steak could only mean one thing; How long have we been extended? KirkBenson: The morning of the last day of a deployment is always a great day!!

SA Jones note to self: Suspend search for the mail buoy and devote spare time to finding 100 yards of shoreline… Winning caption by Scott Stroman Honorable Mentions: TMURPHY: Relieving the AFT-LOOK out on a submarine has never been an easy task! KirkBenson: “Boy, this new mask I got for Christmas is great. I wonder if I will see anything exciting down here today?” Colleen: “Is this why Mom said I shouldn’t go out too far?”

The new Chief Petty Officer indoctrination program isn’t like it used to be! Winning caption by SK2(SW) Tom Murphy Honorable Mentions: Ray Young: The XO’s New Years “Duty” celebration didn’t quite work out the way he was hoping. KirkBenson: Despite his leadership by example, the Command Duty Officer was unable to convince the duty section leaders that duty on New Year’s Eve was not so bad. WXMAN: If I have to hear him play Auld lang syne one more time I will scream!!!!!

Go find the Command Duty Officer; I don’t think this one is covered in the S.O.P.! Winning caption by SK2(SW) Tom Murphy Honorable Mentions: WXMAN: I don’t care If you are Santa, you are not allowed aboard without a thorough search of your bag. CIWS CHIEF: The Ensign, still young enough to believe in Santa, was at a loss for words. Sierra Caddis: “Petty of the Watch, how do we enter this in the Deck Log?”

Santa should’ve asked Congress for a Bailout! Winning caption by SKCS(AW) Paul Huffine Honorable Mentions: Ray Young: I’m sure I told the Yeoman to have Santa bring me a Second Star this year. netpinoy: Dear Santa, I can explain… WXMAN: I didn’t know that Santa was an army fan. leonard430: Let me just swap the name on these 2 stockings. Navyguy: And he hung his stocking by the chimney with great care in hopes that St Nick would bring him some hair. And a special recognition goes to Colleen, who put it so well: What’s that in the bottom? Wait…

Suspicion is aroused when the boss actually puts out a gift for someone. Winning caption by Richard Hull Can I say something? The entries this week were the best and funniest we’ve seen. Keep it up! Here are some honorable mentions: TMURPHY: Whoever thought this year’s Christmas Party was going to be this much of a blast! mjunge: SOP 4235 – All unattended packages shall be inspected by the duty Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician. netpinoy: EOD Pink Elephant… Vagster: Those boxes weren’t there yesterday! Kent & Sara Karstetter: Aunt Frankie’s toxic fruitcake

“You’ve got to ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ (CLICK,CLICK) …Well, do ya TURKEY?” Winning caption by SK2(SW) Tom Murphy Honorable Mentions: WXMAN: I have had to work with some real turkeys but this takes the cake. jbix1958: Now that’s the freshest MRE I’ve ever seen! Ray Young: “The Judge said, ‘Go in the Marine Corps or go the the turkey farm.’ . . .What would you have done?” Seanem44: “Well, I guess you’re better than a private.”

ENS Murphy demonstrates the downside of being “stuck in an exercise routine.” Winning caption by Allan Livers Honorable Mentions: WXMAN: Junior officers and machinery?? You decide. CIWS CHIEF: Seaman Jenkins finds out that gravity is not just a good idea, it’s a law. Scott Stroman: Note to self: Set up exercise machines fore and aft, not athwartships….. TMURPHY: ATTENTION ALL HANDS, STAND BY WHILE THE SHIP TAKES HEAVY ROLLS! And a tip of the hat to: SeabeeSK: Should’a listened and stuck with the treadmill. (Yes, art imitates life. Thanks for the painful reminder Jeff.) Belasarius: CHENG makes a mental note…

I said “DUMP”, not “JUMP”! Get back on that dozer, Private!!!! Winning caption by SK2(SW) Tom Murphy Honorable mentions: CIWS CHIEF: Natasha’s gone crazy! I think she smells oil over the next hill! Scott Stroman: Move out, people!!! It’s headed for the still!!! jtward: The Seabees’ experimental use of UAVs did not work as well as hoped.

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