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To many people in uniform, the ultimate act of sacrifice is giving one’s life to save the life of others. Michael Monsoor, a Navy SEAL, was killed late last year in Ramadi, when he threw himself onto a grenade that had been thrown into a rooftop occupied by a small team of SEALs during sniper support operations. “‘He never took his eye off the grenade, his only movement was down toward it,’ said a 28-year-old lieutenant who sustained shrapnel wounds to both legs that day. ‘He undoubtedly saved mine and the other SEALs’ lives, and we owe him.'” (Fox News)

General Eisenhower asked the rhetorical question, “Where do we get such men?” Petty Officer Monsoor is the manifestation of the answer. His actions make us pause to ask ourselves if we would have the guts to do what he did – to face certain death saving our fellow warriors – if we were the ones in the arena. As for Petty Officer Monsoor, he already knew. A few months before his death, in another battle, he showed he had the mettle when he and a fellow SEAL pulled a wounded comrade to safety as bullets “pinged off the ground around them”, an action that earned him a Silver Star.

Petty Officer Monsoor, you are the hero we aspire to be. You are the ultimate warrior, giving the ultimate sacrifice, and you are our Hero of the Week.

For the full story, see Fox News.


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