A nice Memorial Day


(BJH photo)

Sent to me from my buddy Bruce Higdon, a great cartoonists and Army veteran. This is a true story that happened five days ago.

I thought I would share a personal Memorial Day experience, rather than an old, repeated internet legend.

Today, at Laguardia, while (my wife and son) and I were getting ready to come home, the American Airlines flight crew was going through the regular introductions and announcements. The pilot came on the intercom, as we sat there, and said, “Today is Memorial Day. Would all the veterans raise their hands.”

As about 15 of us raised our hands, the entire plane began to clap and cheer. I got, and am getting, a little teary-eyed. The ones who deserved that applause were not on board. Those are the ones for which this day was set aside.

I don’t mean to bring any of you down, but it made a very stong point to me. People still depend on the soldier, sailor, and airman to defend our freedom, and God to grant it to us.

The attached photo, made by my son, took on a deeper meaning to me. I hope you will not only enjoy the photo, but reconsider its meaning.

Bruce and his son routinely visit wounded troops and veterans, drawing cartoons and spreading good cheer. His website is www.punderstatements.com.


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