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  1. The Patriot Guard Riders stood tall outside my son’s wake and funeral in December 2006. I will never forget how they led the procession from Zion, IL, to Ft. Sheridan, about 20 miles. It was December in northern Illinois. There was snow on the ground. And the PGR stood outside the church Sunday evening and again on Monday morning. More than 10 of them rode their motorcycles from the church to the cemetery. Did I mention that it was December in northern Illinois and there was snow on the ground?
    People coming into the church to offer their condolences couldn’t stop saying how moved they were by the PGR’s committment.
    When my husband and I asked them in, they thanked us for allowing them to come in and pay their respects. At the same time, we thanked them for providing their dedicated service. If the reason they were there hadn’t been so dreadful, it would have been funny: we were going back and forth thanking each other, each thinking the other had done more to deserve thanks.
    I think of the PGR often and pray for their safety as they provide care and comfort for grieving families. Don’t let the tough exteriors of these leather-and-denim-clad men and women fool you into missing the tears in their eyes and the compassion in their hearts.

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