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  1. If it had not been the last case of beer, the thirsty three might have turned back when they saw the camel spider’s “Bitter Beer Face”.

  2. Mike Vick killed dogs, we killed a huge bug. It’s not comparable, plus its also for the last case of beer.

  3. I don’t know whats worse, the fact that the camel spider is hoarding the beer, or that its on top of the box of bug spray.

  4. 1st Guy: He may be big, but he’s eventually going to have to use the bathroom. 2nd Guy: I’m willing to wait. Girl: Someone hand me a boot!

  5. Private Partz on

    Oka-a-ay, here’s the plan. Walter, Margaret’s going to make like a camel while you sneak around behind him. When he jumps on Margaret’s face, you grab his hind legs and wrestle him to the ground. I’ll grab the beer and run like hell.

  6. Sent in by email:

    Ray Young says:

    If we shoot him, we might hit the beer.
    If we don’t shoot him, we might not get the beer.
    This is NOT a ‘Win-Win’ situation here people!

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