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  1. After 18 months of waiting, Airman Smith finally receives the 18 cent bolt to repair the $500,000 turbine.

  2. “Well hey there little guy. What are you doing here in this big machine all alone? You know what…….I think I’m gonna keep you! Yep, definitely, I’m gonna do it! Come on, I’ll introduce you to my family!”

  3. Airman Jones watches his practical joke unfold after placing an extra bolt in Airman Smith’s working parts bin.

  4. Pleased with his new time machine, Jeff wondered if by sending the little bolt back in time, would it really effect the delicate fabric of time and space in our universe?

  5. ….. I LOVE IT when they put extra parts in these things….. just a couple more and i can finish my own B 52!!!!

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