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  1. Sent via email by Mary Ann
    Apr 4, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    “You’d think among all this stuff, there’d be at least one box of Cracker Jack.”

  2. Scott Stroman on

    All of the Care Packages were appreciated but the one from “Victoria’s Secret” did require some special processing…..

  3. BarefootSerpent on

    The label inside says: The first one to let go of the box will activate the canister of concentrated skunk spray hidden in the small brown box. Mailed April Fool’s Day, 2008.

  4. I’m usually a big fan of these care packages, but there isn’t a jigsaw puzzle in here under 1000 pieces, plus look, they’re all beach scenes.

  5. I understand the look on your face. Usually she sends cookies. But I see the whole season of Army Wife’s on DVD.

  6. The kind sailors aboard the DDG never forget their brothers in green. For April Fool’s they delivered several empty sunscreen boxes for the summer.

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