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  1. The XO wants this by Close-of-Business , and the other 2nd Lieutenants need me for their beach volley ball team. Would you mind taking care of it.

    2nd Lieutenant Pike is about to receive a lesson in the realities of who actually is in charge of 4th Platoon.

  2. Scott Stroman on

    When Ensign Jones gave the Gunny duty on the first weekend home from deployment, he learned what it really meant to be “imbedded”.

  3. Scott Stroman on

    It’s been over a week since II’ve been here from OCS and I’ve noticed some things that you’re doing wrong.

  4. Sent via email April 25th at 8:42 am by Pat:

    “I corrected your spelling and punctuation errors in red pencil on this report for the Admiral.”

  5. Top…I notice you’re a bit behind in your paperwork. Here…I signed you up for a correspondence course in Effective Time Management.

  6. 2ndLT Smythe, per request from his Platoon Sgt, submits his first material requisition form for 3 qts of elbow grease.

  7. Look, almost done – I can win the annual “Ensign Scavanger Hunt” if I can just find a “Gunny Punch” – can you help me out?

  8. “Hey Gunny”, I got the pictures back today from our ball last week. Here’s a real good one showing me dancing with your sister. Do you think I should ask her out again?

  9. “Here Gunny, I won’t be going to the field training exercise with the platoon on teusday, I have a dental appointment that day.”

  10. Sent via email April 27th at 11:13 pm by GSM1(SW)(ret) Mike Stiern:

    “Gunney, I know you’re extremely busy shuffling paperwork around, but this is my special request chit for getting today off so I can get my pet bird washed”.

  11. Gunny would it be a bad time to ask,” If corn oil is made from corn, and vegetable oil is made from vegetables, what is baby oil made from?”

  12. Here’s a note from medical that authorizes me to leave at a moments notice on a duty day while my wife and I try to get pregnant.

  13. “Sorry, Sarge. Page 2,146 had a typo on it. I’m afraid they are all going to have to be initialed again.”

  14. I’ve been recommended for an award and I know you were not there, but I need someone to sign my 4187 cause it has to be turned in within the next 15 minutes. Can you sign it Gunny?

  15. As per the commanders request, my 10 favorite things I love about the marine corps. He said to give them to you Gunny.

  16. “I have developed a sure-fire schedule that not only allows us to sleep in and get off early everyday, but it also lets us maximize our lunch break.”

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