Deadly turret – Sergeant Charles Claude, Jr.



In a story right out of the movies (the old ones – not the current wave of anti-American trash), Sergeant Claude, US Army, showed the mettle of today’s Soldier. A turret gunner on a M1117 Armored Security Vehicle, Sgt. Claude and his vehicle found themselves caught in an ambush in Mosul. (This was back in September of 2007, when the surge was just taking hold.) Claude took out two vehicles (“technicals”) and other insurgents with his machine gun.

As the ambush fell apart, the M1117 began pursuit. As it rounded a corner, the Soldiers were met with another furious attack during which Claude and the vehicle commander were injured. Diregarding his wounds, Claude continued to fire back. At one point an insurgent jumped onto the Armored Security Vehicle, and Claude found himself face-to-face with him. Sgt. Claude used his M-4 and fought him off.

In the aftermath, all the insurgents were either dead, wounded, or had run off.

For his actions that day, Sergeant Charles Claude, Jr. was awarded the Bronze Star for valor. He is our hero of the week.

For the complete story and a short interview, see the DOD “Heroes” website.


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