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  1. Look Chief, Equipment Operator 3rd Class Petty Officer Murphy is starting a new test program on Unmanned Construction Vehicles!

  2. On AFN’s next episode of “Amazing Race” The Navy team must beat the Army team by successfully mounting a moving bulldozer headed for the finish line!

  3. In the new movie trailer for “TRANSFORMERS II”, Seabees charge on to get badly needed supplies/equipment from a local Home Depot. (This film is not yet rated)

  4. Sir this is the last and final signature for your Seabee Combat Warfare Specialist pin. All you have to do is mount that moving dozer and render it useless without spilling any coffee from your cup.

  5. What the……… Sir ,all of the Equipment Operators have been slated for I.A. duty so the National Guard is taking over this project.

  6. Do you college educated knuckleheads realize that there is a nature pond on the other side of this ridge …right where you want me to pile up all the trash?

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