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  1. Capt: Bosen Jones how did you get out there. You are suppose to wait until the boot surfaces before you can open the hatch on the conning tower.

  2. Scott Stroman on

    Snorkel and mask set: $49.95
    “Ron Jon” swim trunks: $35.50
    Being peeled off the attack scope: Priceless!

  3. Senior Chief this E.M.I. is way beyond Navy regulations! Cleaning this submarine from front to rear will take longer than two hours!!!

  4. Flood torpedo tubes 1&2………. Launch the SAR swimmer and this morning’s breakfast; the admiral wants to feed the fish AGAIN!

  5. SIR, I swam over there to the Russian submarine and told them “WE COME IN PEACE” but they just didn’t like my shorts!

  6. I told Dad when I grow up I was going to be a periscope reapairman and he said I was DIVING into a uncharted waters!

  7. Alright, that’s 250 large meatlovers pizza’s and 160 orders for breadsticks….. What would you guys like to drink with that?

  8. Scott Stroman on

    SA Jones note to self: Suspend search for the mail buoy and devote spare time to finding 100 yards of shoreline……….

  9. “Boy, this new mask I got for Christmas is great. I wonder if I will see anything exciting down here today?”

  10. After feeling the crew just did not understand the maneuver, the Captain decided to take the visual teaching aide approach.

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