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  1. I remember the Marines jingle, “never, ever, ever raise the cover with the weapon on safe and the bolt to the rear” hope that helps

  2. After watching Star Wars a year back, the crew from the USS Superbad decided to build and test their very own ‘Photon Accelerator Thing-a-majig’.

  3. Sure Smitty, we have a spare. But first, go tell the MT52 guys the CSO wants them to inventory all of the weapons magazines and small arms locker now.

  4. Remember how we couldn’t find the football last steal beach liberty? I think I know what happened to it.

  5. Dude, step three of the PMS card specifically states “remove the bore cleaner prior to firing”.

    Maybe Chief won’t notice if we just walk away from it like nothing happened…

  6. Dang it GMG1, flash suppressors are for the small arms only. Now, put the other barrel back on before the Captain totally wiggs out!

  7. Now when you said “Here, hold my beer, now watch this”, I thought you were just going to tell me a joke.

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