Making friends in a war zone


(USAF photo by Capt. Dustin Hart)

It never ceases to amaze me how American forces can be such fierce warriors on one hand, and such benevolent diplomats on the other. Case in point – “the provincial reconstruction team in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar province funded a $2.8 million project for the province’s Grand Canal, repairing nearly 40 miles of the canal. The project included the repair of 850 gates and installation of five new siphons, including the Moqam Khan siphon shown here.” (DefenseLink)


At a ribbon-cutting ceremony, Nangarhar Gov. Gul Agha Sherzai said 60,000 people will benefit from the repairs. “Reconstruction in Nangarhar is successful because we have the support of the people,” the governor said. “The Grand Canal was one of our biggest projects, and it was repaired through the help of our friends. It’s a very important project, and today is a great day for all Nangarhar people.” (DefenseLink)

He used the word “friends.” That is one powerful word, and that’s the point.

For the complete story, read, “Reconstruction Team Completes Afghanistan Canal Project“.


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