SPC David Hutchinson – one heck of a week


SPC David Hutchinson (US Army photo)

Just over a week ago a young Soldier was awarded the Silver Star – only the fifth Army Reservist to be awarded the medal in the history of the Army. He joined the reserves to continue a family tradition of service, and to help him get through college. When he wasn’t in uniform, he was a retail salesman for a phone company.

In May of 2008 he was traveling with the 420th Engineer Brigade Personal Security Detail when they were ambushed by 20 or so insurgents using snipers, rocket propelled grenades, machine guns and AK-47s. SPC Hutchinson was a gunner on one of the vehicles and began returning fire, eventually focusing on the machine gun nest on the top of a hill – it posed the most danger to the convoy.

As his fire found its target, the remaining insurgents turned their sights on him. Over a hundred rounds hit his turret during the fight.

He eliminated the machine gun nest then turned his sights on the remaining attackers, killing five more before two rocket propelled grenades hit his vehicle. The blasts scattered hot shrapnel inside the HMMVV, wounding Hutchinson in the leg and badly injuring his First Sergeant below him. Ignoring his own injuries, he applied life-saving first aid to his First Sergeant then waved off a litter so his fellow Soldiers could carry his injured leader to the MEDEVAC and provide security against what was left of the bad guys.

In the end, none of his brothers-in-arms were killed, including the First Sergeant who lived because of the actions of the young PFC.

SPC Hutchinson was evacuated out of Afghanistan with a serious leg injury. He was awarded the Silver Star for his actions, and was credited with saving 16 American lives. He had been in Afghanistan for only a week.

SPC Davis Hutchinson is our hero of the week.

For the complete story, read the DefenseLink article.


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