The Chief in Karbala needs our help



I got an email recently from a Navy Chief Petty Officer on an Individual Augmentee tour in Karbala. He is embedded with an Army unit that is helping with the local Provincial Government. He needs our help. Here is part of his note:

“We are living on a little operating base that is a ½ mile around the whole thing. We do not have a BX/PX, or a post office, but that’s not a problem for us. We make do with what we have knowing we are making a difference in the lives of Iraqis. I have attached a picture of myself giving out soccer balls to some of the local children while we were out inspecting a construction site. I just do not have enough for the kids. I always feel bad for the (ones) who do not get anything. I try to be as nice as possible but the kids come out from everywhere when we stop. We are trying to collect any size balls to give to the local boys and stuffed animals for the girls.”


They need stuffed animals for the girls, and any size balls (soccer balls are very popular) for the boys. If you have some spare change, pick up a few toys and send them to the Chief. It’ll put a smile on an Iraqi child’s face, and you’ll be doing your part to help our troops spread some good old fashioned American good will.

Send the boxes to:
OSC (SW/AW) Nate Taylor
FOB Husayniyah
PRT Karbala
APO AE 09312


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  1. Got some on the way. The school I teach at, Marion Military Institute, just started a women’s soccer team. I forwarded your blog entry to them and they’ve collected some soccer balls to send to Chief Taylor. It’s not much, but every little bit helps. Thanks for spreading the word, shipmate!

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