Maybe the Bud Factor DOES work…


Remember my story about the Bud Factor? Well, I got this email from Roy, a Navy veteran, who has another take on it.

Here’s what he says about the Bud Factor:

I have two stories that verify that this works.

1. In San Diego, I was roused from my apartment by two of my fellow sailors at the Radio Station in (Imperial Beach) to go take the test for 1st Class CTR after a night of drinking. To this day, I do not remember much of the test, only that I made 1st Class CTR off it. [One of only 9 Navy-wide.]

2. In Commerce Texas, I took the GRE after a Jaycee party where much scotch was consumed. I scored in the top 95% percentile – enuff to get me into Hahvaaahd much less East Texas State or OU, where I finally took grad classes.

I guess if you know the stuff, being “under the lasting influence” works on multiple guess since you go for the answer that looks right, and you don’t suffer the answer selection anxiety of your choices – as the good test takers say, “mark your answer and move on.”

I’ve never tested the theory on an essay style test, at my age, I don’t need to do that, altho I sure write a lot of e-mails with the aid of Mr. Busch’s fine product or one of the better malts of Scotland.

Here’s a glass for all the sailors at sea tonight!

Roy S. Lamberton


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