Raising children is a team effort.

Husband and wife work together to teach their kids how to survive and thrive in life, to share wisdom that they have learned through their own experiences; and we are no exception. For example, these are some of the things my wife has taught our daughter:

To say thank you and please.
To brush her teeth.
To avoid interrupting.
To play politely with children.
To be kind to the dog.
To speak quietly (i.e. to not scream).
To share.
To wait her turn.

I could go on, but like I said, it is a team effort and as of 12:30 today I can proudly say that I have contributed too.

Because today, at just a few minutes after noon, I taught my daughter how to suck jello off a paper plate without the use of any utensils.

I know. It brought tears to my eyes too.

Teamwork. It’s a beautiful thing.


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